About Us



B&A Petroleum has been operational since 1995, but owner Darryl Meyer has been in the fuel business far longer than that. His dad, Leo, started in 1968 as a Shell bulk dealer when Darryl was 10 years old. Darryl ventured out on his own after high school, but soon realized that he missed doing what he knew and so he called his dad and anxiously asked Leo to come back. Leo by this time had sold the Shell business and was in Maple Creek as the Gulf bulk dealer, well Leo said yes, and so just like that Darryl was back in the biz. 


Growth & Expansion

   Darryl is the first to admit that this industry has it's ups and downs. He says it is a sales job, and you need to enjoy people and helping people. Our first branch is in Maple Creek, and it is still growing and expanding today, the Meyer Family name has a branch in Fox Valley that is dear to Darryl and his family. Darryl joined with his dad in 1984 in Maple Creek, he was then able to go home in 1988 to Fox Valley and launch Meyer's Fuels. This being the place he grew up and started out, and still having family up there, Meyer's Fuels, will assist you in any way that they can, his sister in law, Donita, will greet you.  In 2007, Darryl threw caution to the wind and bought 7 locations from Brian Rostie. These are spread far and wide throughout Southern Saskatchewan, and this is when Swift Current became part of what is now known as B&A Petroleum, and our head office. With this purchase came, Gravelbourg, Assiniboia, Ponteix,Mankota, Eastend, and Lafleche.

   Having grown so much over the years, and dealing with agriculture, Darryl has learnt that there is a seasonal request for fuel, so he diversified the B&A portfolio by adding items such as cattle minerals, twine, net wrapping, and becoming a Flaman Rentals dealer. Also we have added an affiliation with Meridian Manufacturing in selling their conveyors. These are the items that help us get through the quiet times and we have had the privilege to have added so many new faces to our clientele through these products. 


B&A Today

Today B&A more than 20 trucks on the roads to accommodate our growing customer base, plus 2 cube trucks and 1 bulk oil truck. We keep someone on call every night and on the weekends, especially through seeding and harvest to better serve our locations and the customers who we know appreciate this. What sets us apart is our great customer service, knowing people's names, and the names of their family members, truly caring about how they are doing, and being able to honestly ask about topics that they have come in and discussed on a previous visit. This deep commitment to agriculture and service has definitely paid off in recent years since the oil downturn. Agriculture has always been our mainstay and our focus, and this will remain to be for as long as B&A Petroleum is operational. 

  Darryl has told everyone why he is still doing this, "I enjoy my customers. I love when they walk out the door with a smile on their face. I am almost 60 years old, and I still never complain about going to work in the morning."